• How many classes can I take?

    As many as you would like! Check the course descriptions to see if it will apply to your position.

  • Do the courses count for formal credit on CECPD's OKRegistry?

    Yes! Each class is worth 2 or 3 hours of formal credit for the Center for Early Childhood Professional Development's Oklahoma Registry. To receive credit, enter your registry ID number at the end of the survey when you complete the course. If you do not know your registry ID number, contact CECPD at 1-888-446-7608 before taking the course.

  • When will I receive the credit in my OKRegistry account?

    All of the training participants must be manually entered by us into CECPD’s OKRegistry. This is typically done on a weekly basis but can take up to two weeks. Each instructor enters the completed registrants for their classes, so they may not all appear in your registry account at the same time. Please contact Cindy Blackshear at cblackshear@csctulsa.org if you do not show the credit in your OKRegistry account two weeks after completion.

  • Can I take the same class more than once?

    At this time, no. The system only let's you take a class once, but you can always go back and access the materials again. There is no way for us to see that you have gone through the materials again, and you cannot retake the survey to enter your registry ID number. We are working on adding a new version of Infection Control to address the need for this class annually.

  • What if I still have questions?

    No problem! Email Stephanie Daniels at sdaniels@csctulsa.org.